Transition Planning

We support you in up-stream planning for a transition, including both organizational and personal readiness. Uniquely tailored services options include:

  • Pre-transition organizational and/or financial assessment
  • Staff support (assessment, retreat, succession planning)
  • Re-alignment of staff and programs
  • Board governance engagement and development
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Sustainability action planning

We also regularly offer Thresholds: Leaving Nonprofit Life with Grace and Curiosity, a warm and helpful cohort experience, held over five sessions to help boomer-age executives’ transition.

Are these questions on your mind?

When and how do I share the news that I have decided to leave your organization?
What are the best practices in wrapping up a long reign with an organization?
What do I say to a potential internal candidate?
How do I support my staff as I ready myself to leave?
My Board wants to do a strategic plan. Is NOW the right time?
Some staff positions really need to be shifted around. Do I do it, or do I leave it to the next executive?
What if I leave before the Board hires someone?
What are the best resources to share with the Board?

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Contact us to discuss your executive transition needs.

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Post-Hire Support

Eos Partners ensures that each new leader is well-positioned for success. We work with you to craft a comprehensive onboarding plan: performance goals, an updated job description, a communication plan for announcing the hire, a staff and community integration plan, and internal organizational processes.

Are these questions on your mind?

What are the best onboarding tools?
What are the pitfalls that might lead to our new leader being dissatisfied?
When do we tell the community about our new hire? Who does it?
Do we say goodbye to our previous leader and say hello to our new one at the same event?